Anna Leah is a multi-media journalist who focuses on the human effects of political and economic causes. She balances empathy and respect with the need for rational context. Join her to find out more about the world and the inspiring people in it.


Documentary powerhouse, Florentine Films, was Anna Leah’s first stop after graduating from Hampshire College. With pre-eminent director Roger Sherman, she edited The Restaurateur, which won awards at festivals and garnered a James Beard Award. She created other work for Florentine and worked at more documentary companies. Then, she followed an underground Brooklyn circus for several years, resulting in a feature-length film – The Balancing Act.

Her work has appeared on Al Jazeera’s social media, in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the New York Post. She was an artist-in-residence at museums like Washington D.C.’s Museum on O Street. Chevrolet, Johnnie Walker, and the Childhood Museum of Marburg, Germany, have commissioned videos from Anna Leah.

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